August 17, 2010

Katy Perry crashed a High School Prom

When you're Katy Perry, you don't really need an invite. The pop star spent this weekend gatecrashing a high school prom in Australia.

The 25-year-old singer was staying at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Melbourne on Friday when she heard her song "California Gurls" coming from the party for students of the all-male Melbourne High School and decided to make an impromptu appearance.

Student Stefan Uzelac told “It was towards the end of the night and everyone was having a good time. Then Katy Perry decides to walk in and crash our formal!”

Katy reportedly entered the dance through a back door, then proceeded to grab a microphone and sing Beyonce Knowles’ hit "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)", much to the astonishment of the young revelers.

Another student, Adi Kedar, said: “She appeared slightly drunk and was stumbling a little. As she grabbed the microphone, she was surrounded by highly excited students and began singing along the soundtrack. She was dancing and laughing with us until the end of the song when she was subtly whisked away by her security guards.

“Everyone went nuts and it was the perfect ending to our evening.”

Katy spent only ten minutes at the prom, but was pleased with her performance, later tweeting: “I totes just crashed a prom!”

Angelina Jolie is going to play Marilyn Monroe

"According to a report in London's Telegraph, Angelina Jolie is set to play a famous bombshell from another era: Marilyn Monroe.

According to author Andrew O'Hagan, his novel The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe will be turned adapted for film starring, and will star Angelina Jolie as Monroe. O'Hagan goes on to say that George Clooney will play Frank Sinatra.

There has been a steady drumbeat of hype about the book, which follows the final two years of Monroe's life through the eyes of Maf, a Maltese terrier she was given as a gift from Sinatra in 1960.

Scarlett Johansson and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks have also both been rumored to be part of the adaptation. There's been no official word from Jolie on the matter." -

August 13, 2010

Celebrigreens - Brad Pitt

Our next competitor in Celebrigreens is Brad Pitt. Here's a little green biography of him.

One half of the celebrity super-couple known as Brangelina, Pitt’s outspoken activist side seems to have increased with the advancement of his relationship with U.N. Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie. He was with Angelina during her adoption of an orphaned baby girl, Zahara, from Ethiopia, and he later adopted both Zahara and brother Maddox, a Cambodian orphan. When Pitt and Jolie’s first biological daughter Shiloh-Nouvel was born, they auctioned the photos off for almost $10 million worldwide and donated the money to an undisclosed charity.

A notable member of the hybrid bunch, Pitt has been seen making premiere entrances in the Toyota Prius, although, much like the rest of the gang, he’s been slammed for flying private. He has supported AIDS research and is a ONE campaign spokesman (fighting global AIDS and poverty), as well as making a speech at Live 8 discussing poverty and Third World debt in Africa and volunteering with Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humanity work project in India.

In an article for Esquire, titled “(My List) Fifteen Things I Think Everyone Should Know,” do-gooder Pitt recommended adoption and said he would only consider tying the knot with Angelina when “everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” In the same article, he spoke about how industry and the environment can work together for a new world model and the fact that buildings in America are inefficient and a major cause of pollution. Smart guy, that Brad Pitt.

Disappointed with the pace of recovery in New Orleans, Pitt took the green design idea even further, teaming up with environmental nonprofit Global Green USA for an affordable green building competition. The winning design he chose is being implemented in the Lower Ninth Ward, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. On the Today show he spoke to host Ann Curry about the potential for lowering energy bills to zero.
Like his pal George Clooney, this Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner has been named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine a record two times. A devilish grin and drop-dead gorgeous looks would make it easy for Pitt to get by, but ever the philanthropist he chooses to do good, including donating some of his vast fortune to humanitarian organizations, like the $2 million Brangelina reportedly gave to Global Action for Children and Doctors Without Borders.

Eco-Friendly Guitars Rock!

It's always good when someone realizes that, in every part of the world, we can find solutions for being eco-friendly. As a musician I was always curious about if there's any chance to be an eco-friendly rockstar. Yeah this is possible now, because in these days there are a wide (but still not wide enough) range of eco-guitars on the market.
Let's talk about some horrible details: There are currently 30 billion guitars on the market and it takes between 120 and 150 Spruce logs to supply the entire guitar manufacturing in the US for one year. A saw mill can turn 120 logs into 2 x 4’s in a single shift. Three million guitars are sold in the US in one year! This is quite lot but some guitar manufacturer company started to build green guitars. Let's make a little list about them.

The Gibson Les Paul SmartWood is the first on my list.

"The Gibson Les Paul Smartwood Studio is a variant of the Studio model. It is made from wood certified by the Rainforest Alliance. While the back and the neck are made from mahogany, the carved top each of the six models in the SmartWood line featured tops made from a different but equally stunning wood: Curupay has a deep chocolate-walnut richness; Peroba recalls the orangey hue of the old pine ceiling beam; Banara has a golden, banana-like glow; Ambay Guasu boasts the even lightness of maple; Taperyva Guasu is reminiscent of a sun-bleached rosewood, and Chancharana is a deep, warm-brown russet.and the fretboards are all made from "Curupay harvested from forests certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The mahogany used in the construction of this model is from similarly certified forests." - says Gibson's Wikipedia

The next one on my list is the Martin Sustainable Wood Acoustic guitars.

These Sustainable Wood Series acoustic guitars ($1700), constructed from a mix of FSC-certified wood plus some old-growth mahogany and rosewood.
 There are also a couple of brands like: Cole Clark Guitars, Ellis Guitars, RSK guitars and First Act Bambusa etc.

I think it's a pretty good idea to support a youngster who want to be a rockstar, with an eco-friendly guitar.

Keep on greening!

August 12, 2010

Green Beer? Yep, Cheers!

It's kind of unimaginable to survive this hot summer without beer! (Especially for us men)
But if you ever thought about it how to also conserve nature with drinking beer with your buddies on a hot summer night, here's the solution!

The green beer, or organic beer is the best beverage for responsible adults and it's totally available.
In the past few years, the large national brewers Anheuser-Busch, Miller and New Belgium have all introduced organic products, joining a growing number of microbreweries offering organic beer. Every method of the manufacturing is eco-friendly because "Certified Organic" beers are made with at least 95 percent organic ingredients following all the standards set by the USDA, which include standards for the chemicals used to clean breweries.

So check for this summer's rockstar in you local shops: the organic beer!

Eco-Heroes of Rock